4 Family Safety Tips When Renting a Dumpster

Dumpsters are necessary to make the cleanup process effective; you can dump everything from bulky furniture to old clothes, toys, tires, trash cans, concrete slabs, and more. They will undoubtedly make your work easier and your home less chaotic.

However, the dumpster itself can be a hazard to homeowners unfamiliar with how to use it safely. To help prevent any accidents or damage to your home, here are a few of the most important safety tips:

1. Place Dumpster in a Safe Location

Some dumpsters can weigh up to 20,000 pounds, so the location of your dumpster must be safe. Avoid placing the dumpster near trees or flower beds damaged from the dumpster or all the people walking near the dumpster.

They should also not be placed on driveways, roads, or any soft surfaces that could cause an uneven weight distribution and make your dumpster more likely to tip over.

2. Don’t Overfill the Dumpster

When filling the dumpster, it is vital not to overfill it. You can risk spilling garbage everywhere and causing a hazard to yourself, your family, or your neighbors. Additionally, your rental company can find it difficult to pick up and empty the dumpster. 

3. Always Wear Protective Clothing

When dumpster diving, you must wear protective clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts and pants, because there may be sharp objects inside the dumpster like nails, glass shards, broken pallets, or pieces from construction materials. You could also come into contact with chemicals used in paint, pesticides, or fertilizers. 

4. Keep Children Away from the Dumpster

We know it is hard to keep children away with the initial excitement to have a big object delivered to their house. But remember that dumpsters are typically filled with sharp objects and poisonous materials. Also, they risk tipping it over and injuring themselves. 

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