5 Dumpster Rental Mistakes Homeowners Make

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Renovations and cleanups are complicated. A lot is going on, and mistakes are bound to happen. To get everything ready, renting a dumpster is one of the first steps you need to make, so you are not left with a mess. 

Most people don’t realize that the type of dumpster they rent is important to stay on budget and schedule. We listed five common mistakes that happen when renting a dumpster so you can improve your efficiency…

Choosing The Wrong Size

Not all rental dumpsters are the same, and not every project requires a large one. You can waste money if you rent a small or jumbo roll-off container for your job. The larger ones may be important in some cases, but they cost more to have it delivered and picked up – which adds up quickly! 

Choosing the cheapest dumpster rate is not always the best choice. You will save money if you choose a rental that fits your needs perfectly instead of just going with the cheapest option available. If you are unsure, try to scale up so that you are more time-efficient.

Choosing The Wrong Duration For Rental

Sometimes homeowners have no idea how long they need their dumpsters for and end up paying way too much. 

If you are doing a one-day cleanup, renting for 24 hours will cost more than if you rented it longer. The added cost occurs because companies charge by the rental period and not necessarily how long you have it.

Not Putting The Dumpster In A Safe Place

Placing your dumpster in the wrong place is a common mistake when homeowners are in too hurry to get their projects done. They will place the dumpster on something other than even ground which can cause it to tip over onto another object, someone’s vehicle, or themselves! 

Also, remember to place your dumpster in an area that won’t block your entryway, doors, or windows. If you have a garden, place your dumpster a safe distance away, so workers are not forced to walk all over your plants to access it.

Throwing Away Hazardous Material

Dumpsters are not the place for hazardous materials. Including any chemicals, paint, oils, or solvents that are used in your project. They can contaminate soil and water when dumped illegally. It’s also illegal to put these types of material into a landfill without special precautions taken beforehand! 

You can avoid fines and complications if you dispose of these materials properly. It’s best to talk with your local waste company about what can be disposed of in a dumpster, so there are no surprises when it comes time for the pickup.

Overfilling Your Dumpster

Overfilling your dumpster is another common mistake that can get you into trouble if you are not careful. 

When the dumpster company comes to pick up your container and sees it’s too full, they will add extra charges for this service, which could delay your project. 

Try to avoid filling above the top of where the lid closes to avoid this issue.

Hire Professionals!

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